Beff Tartar

Filet mignon cubes seasoned with olives, onions, capers, fresh herbs, parmesan, Dijon mustard, lemon and olive oil. Served with soft yolk in butter and crostata.

R$ 28,50


Rack of lamb roasted in wine sauce. Served with stir-fried Ratatouille and aligot.

R$ 83,00



Antipasto, jam, dry curd, tempered cheese, salami, canned and toasts.

R$ 23,80

Normandy Brie

Grilled brie cheese served with apricot jam and toasted almonds. Served with toasts.

R$ 33,50


Six-unit portion of delicious Indian spicy snacks with vegetables filling in a triangular case of crisp fried pastry.

R$ 26,50

Fish Pokaras

Tilapia fillet breaded in chickpea flour and spices. Goes with a delicious Indian DIP of yogurt, mint, lemon and ginger.

R$ 42,50

Melanzane alla Sorrentina

Breaded egg-plant covered with cheese, sugo sauce and gratin parmesan cheese. Served with focaccia.

R$ 23,70

Carpaccio à Avami

Beef carpaccio, arugula, parmesan chips and Mediterranean sauce (capers, olives and parmesan in olive oil) served with toast.

R$ 34,90

Complete cold cuts

(cheese cuts blend, cold cuts and pickle). For 4 people.

R$ 69,80


Chef’s Special Salad

Iceberg lettuce, ruby lettuce, aragula, cherry tomato, heart of palm and grilled tenderloin filet or grilled chicken filet with dijon mustard chantilly.

R$ 42,60


Iceberg lettuce, ruby lettuce, dried tomato, grilled chicken strips, croutons, parmesan chips and caeser sauce.

R$ 28,90


Grilled salmon covered with sesame. Served with black rice with sicilian lemon and sweet mashed potato and green leaves mix.

R$ 47,40




Mix vegetable soup. Optional: meat.

R$ 33,00

Taj Creams (Served on Italian bread)

1) Arracacha cream flavored with butter and crisps of bacon.

2) Pea Cream with crisps of bacon.

3) Palm crem whit crisps of bacon.

R$ 33,00 (cada)



Grilled pintado filet in capers sauce. Served with creamy rice with heart of palm and mashed potatoes.

R$ 59,30


Salmon filet with crispy skin seasoned in salt and pink pepper with passion fruit gel. Served with mashed arracacha and mix of vegetables on butter.

R$ 66,90

Indian Tilapia

Grilled tilapia filet in ghee (clarified butter), covered with yogurt sauce with spices and green pepper. Served with creamy rice with mini-shrimp in garam masala and tomatoes buttery.

R$ 49,70


Ancho Hermano

Grilled Argentine ancho steak, rustic patatoes with rosemary, provoleta with fresh tomato and herb pesto. Goes with fresh chimichurri.

R$ 76,00


Bacon wrapped tenderloin served with madeira sauce, sauté potato and creamy rice with champignon.

R$ 58,30

Tornedor ao vin

Grilled tenderloin tornedor, marchand du vin sauce served with 4 cheese risotto and cherry tomatoes flambéed in whiskey.

R$ 64,50

Tikka Massala – Indiano Dish

Chicken filet on Indian curry with clabber, cocnut milk and dedo de moça pepper. Served with rice and Naan (Indian bread).

R$ 32,60



Funghi risotto.

R$ 34,40


Risotto of shrimp, adorned with grilled rose shrimp.

R$ 65,80


Risotto of jerked beef, pumpkin cubes, grilled coalho and parsley.

R$ 37,30




Fresh ravioli, stuffed with buffalo mozarela, covered with sugo sauce and basil.

R$ 46,90


Whole-wheat pasta served with special classic sauces.

Cut: Spaghetti, Penne, Integral Penne and noodles.

Al Sugo

Legitimate Italian tomato sauce and a touch of basil.

R$ 25,40

Al Pesto

Special olive oil, basil, nuts and parmesan.

R$ 27,60

Alla Bolognese

Ground beef sauce.

R$ 29,00

Alla Boscaiola

Sausage in wine with mushrooms, black olives, tomato sauce and a touch of pepper.

R$ 29,20

Alla Carbonara

Smoked pancetta, eggs, ground black pepper and parmesan.

R$ 27,70


Parmegiana Filet

Breaded and fried filet covered with sugo sauce and gratin parmesan cheese. Served with white rice and French fries.

Tenderloin R$ 39,70

Chicken Filet R$ 29,40


Served with white rice and shoestring fries.

Tenderloin R$ 38,30

Chicken Filet R$ 27,00

Horseback-riding Steak

Grilled beef served with two eggs, French fries, white rice and beans.

R$ 38,00

Classic Executives

Grilled filet, tilápia (fish) or chicken served with integral rice, green salad and mix of vegetables or cooked sweet potato.

Tenderloin R$ 38,70

Tilápia filet (Fried or grilled) R$ 32,60

Chicken filet R$ 25,40

Light Executives

Grilled meat, tilapia (fish) or chicken filet served with integral rice, green salad and mix of vegetables or cooked sweet potato.

Tenderloin R$ 33,90

Chicken Fillet R$ 25,40

Tilapia Fillet R$ 32,00


Vegetables on butter R$ 11,90

French fries R$ 8,90

Fried / cooked egg R$ 3,40

Beans R$ 8,40

Arracacha Cream R$ 10,50

Farofa on butter R$ 7,00

Mashed potatoes R$ 9,30

Rice R$ 8,50

Integral Rice R$ 9,50

Omelet R$ 19,80

(Choose one optional: vegetables, cheese and ham, turkey breast and white cheese or creamy cheese and bacon).

Tapioca R$ 15,80

It’s a crepe made from tapioca flour (manioc).
(Choose one optional:cheese and ham, turkey breast and white cheese or banana with cinnamon).

Extra portion of parmesan cheese R$ 8,00

Extra portion of bread R$ 4,00



Rap Bread, white cheese, lettuce, tomato, carrot paste and pickles.
Optional: ham, turkey breast, chicken or tuna.

R$ 19,60

X-Bharat Supreme

Special sesame bread, filet steak hamburger (250g), four-cheese, onion rings, salad, special sauce and barbecue sauce. Served with French fries.

R$ 37,40

X-Bharat Tradicional

special sesame bread, filet steak hamburguer (125g), cheese, crispy bacon, tomato and special sauce. Served with French fries.

R$ 27,90


Special Australian bread, filet strips with onion rings, prato cheese, tomato, mayonnaise and French fries. Optional: chicken.

R$ 28,90


African Pie

Triple chocolate mini pie, with crunchy chocolate dough, dark chocolate cream and milk chocolate shavings

R$ 15,60

Brownie with cream ice cream

R$ 17,80

Petit gâteau with cream ice cream

(chocolate or condensed milk fudge)

R$ 18,70

Ice Cream Chessecake with strawberries in syrup

R$ 21,50

Papaya brullée cream

Papaya papaya cream made with fresh fruit and vanilla ice cream with crunchy burnt sugar rind (accompanying cassis cream).

R$ 19,90

Powdered milk pudding with syrup

Traditional milk pudding with a touch of milk nest.

R$ 8,50

Seasonal fruits

Options: Banana, pineapple, melon, watermelon, apple, papaya and pear.
(check availability with the waiter).

R$ 8,50


Juices R$ 6,50

(pineapple with mint / orange / watermelon / melon / Swiss Lemanade / strawberry / acerola / peach / berries)

Del Vale R$6,00

Soda in can R$ 4,70

(Coke / Coke Zero / Guaraná / Guaraná Zero / Fanta / Sprite / Schweppes)

Red Bull R$12,90

Still Water R$3,50

Sprinkling Water R$3,90


Cerveja Skol 600ml R$ 9,50

Cerveja Original 600ml R$ 12,00

Eisenbahn (Long neck) R$ 7,00

Budweizer (Long neck) R$ 7,40

Heineken (Long neck) R$ 7,40

Stella Artois (Long neck) R$ 7,80


Special Cachaça R$ 10,50

Velho Barreiro Cachaça/ 51 Cachaça R$ 5,50



Jose Cuervo Classic Tequila / Special R$ 15,30

Bacardi Gold/Silver R$ 8,30

Absolut Vodka R$ 14,50

Smirnoff Vodka R$ 7,80

Smirnoff Vodka Bottle R$ 95,00

Martini Bianco/Rosato/Extra Dry Martini R$ 7,30

Campari R$8,30

Saké R$8,70


Lassi Indian cocktail

Mango cocktail with yogurt, mint, cardamom and spices (It can be served with Absolut Vodka).

R$ 17,70

Piña Colada

Rum bacardi, pineapple juice, sweetened condensed milk and coconut.

R$ 18,70


Jose cuervo, Cointreau with salted rim.

R$ 18,90

Bloody Mary

Smirnoff Vodka, tomato juice, tabasco, english sauce, salt and rose chili.

R$ 17,00

Sex on the beach

Cassis liquor, Smirnoff Vodka, grenadine and orange juice.

R$ 19,20

Taj Cocktail (with or without alcohol)

Cashew juice, cream ice-cream and grenadine.

R$ 18,00

Elephant Cocktail

Amarula, Smirnoff Vodka, cream ice-cream and express coffee.

R$ 18,80

Dry Martini

Gim, Martini Extra Dry and olives.

R$ 17,70


Silver Rum, sparkling water, sugar, lemon, mint leaves.

R$ 17,30


Lemon, sicilian lemon, kiwi and strawberry.

Velho Barreiro / 51 R$ 13,00

Absolut R$18,90

Smirnoff R$15,50

Saké R$14


Red Label Dose R$15,90

Red Label BottleR$ 190,00

Black Label Dose R$18,90

Black Label Bottle R$ 270,00

Old Parr Dose R$ 18,70


Amarula R$ 14,00

Contreau R$ 12,40

Stock R$ 9,00

(Cassis Cream, Blue Heart, Strawberry and Mint)


Espresso R$ 4,00

Espresso and MilkR$ 4,50

Capuccino R$ 10,70

Milk and Chocolate (cup) R$ 6,90

Tea R$ 3,80

(Available sachets: boldo / chamomile / apple / mate / lemongrass / black tea / green tea)


Salton Reserva Ouro brut – Bento Gonçalves

Dry sparkling wine with a touch of citrus fruits and almonds, makes a good match with salads, seafood and white meats.

R$ 78,00

Cava Jaume Serra Cristalino

Semi-dry sparkling wine with greenish yellow color, clear and bright appearance, with fine and abundant perlage. It presents a balanced fruity and fresh flavor, with floral aromas characteristic of its grape varieties.

R$ 69,00

André Delorme Crémant de Bourgognebrut

Dry sparkling wine from Pinot Noir, Chardonnay, Gamay and Aligoté grapes. With aromas of vanilla, nuts, toasted. In the mouth notes of vanilla, toasted bread and dried fruit. Fresh and with excellent persistence. Pairs with different types of starters and appetizers, fish, white meats and even a light pasta.

R$ 189,00


Emilia Nieto Senetiner Chardonnay e Viogner 2012 – Mendoza

Dry, fresh, balanced acidity, aromas of tropical fruits. Harmonizes with Indian cuisine, starters, appetizers, seafood and fish.

R$ 79,30

Santa Carolina Estrellas Sauvignon Blanc 2015 – Valle Central

Dry, light body, good acidity, refreshing with aromas of ripe citrus fruits and harmonizes with light pasta, fish and salads.

R$ 68,80

Adega Guimarães Vinho Verde DOC

Grapes: Loureiro, Arinto, Trajadura and Azal. Aromas of white fruits and citrus fruits. Flavors of white fruits and citrus fruits. Very delicate floral note. It can be enjoyed as an aperitif or with light meals, especially fish, white meats and salads.

R$ 99,70


Berne IGP Espirit di Méditerranée 2016

Grapes: Cinsault, Grenache, Carignan, Cabernet Sauvignon. Light pink color. Wine with notes of summer fruits, strawberry, fresh raspberry, in the mouth it is fresh, dry and of medium structure. Pairs with salads, entrees based on fresh cheeses; Ideal as an aperitif, Mediterranean food, oriental and Asian dishes, fish and even lean red meat with a not too strong sauce.

R$ 122,90

1/2 GARRAFA | 375ml

Pionero Soñador Sauvignon Blanc 2016 (branco) Vale Casablanca

It shows an intense nose of citrus fruits, green apple, white pulp of peach and pears. Light touch of wild flowers and herbs. Fruity wine with great acidity, balanced and long finish. Pairs with salads, appetizers, fish, pasta, light sauces and fresh cheeses.

R$ 54,90

Benjamin Nieto Senetiner Malbec (tinto)

Aromas of dark fruit in compote (plum) and notes of toast. Dry, medium body, well balanced acidity, good quality tannins and fruity finish. Pairs well with poultry, red meats, pasta with an intense sauce, cured cheeses.

R$ 42,70

Santa Carolina Cab. Sauvignon reserva 2010 – Valle de Colchagua

Aromas of red fruits, spices, tobacco, chocolate and vanilla. Dry, medium body, good acidity, soft tannins and balanced finish. Red meats, pasta with red sauce or based on Cured meats and cheeses).

R$ 53,00


Benjamin Nieto Senetiner Malbec – Mendoza

Aromas of dark fruit in compote (plum) and notes of toast. Dry, medium body, well balanced acidity, good quality tannins and fruity finish. Pairs well with poultry, red meats, pasta with an intense sauce, cured cheeses.

R$ 69,70

Escorihuela Gascón Malbec 2016 – Mendoza | Subregião – Agrelo

Violet red, intense aroma of red fruits, dried fruits and notes of eucalyptus, smooth and round tannins, balanced finish, long in the mouth. Harmonizes with grilled prime beef cuts, game meats.

R$ 116,90

Santa Carolina Reserva Cab. Sauvignon 2015 – Valle de Colchagua

Aromas of red fruits, spices, tobacco, chocolate and vanilla. Dry, medium body, good acidity, soft tannins and balanced finish. Red meats, pasta with red sauce or the base of cured meats and cheeses.

R$ 89,00

Errazuriz 1870 Reserva Carmenére 2015 – Vale Central

Ruby red color. On the nose notes of blackberry, cherry, pepper and red pepper. In the mouth, fruity flavor with a light vegetable and spicy touch, light tannin. Pairs with red meats in general, pasta with red sauce.

R$ 98,00

Carlos Montes Tannat Crianza 2014 – Região de Canelones las Piedras

Very intense ruby red color. Aromas of red fruits, leather, coffee, tobacco. Dry in the mouth and with good acidity, very full-bodied, with well-structured tannins, complex and long finish. It pairs well with game meats, red meats, spicy dishes.

R$ 125,00

Pata Negra Oro Tempranillo

Aroma of ripe red fruits. It has a good integration between fruit and wood. Dry with elegant tannins, light body and pleasant finish. Pairs with poultry, red meats and cured cheeses.

R$ 85,00

Mirandelle de L Lurton Red Bordeaux 2015 – Bordeaux

Purple red, cut from Cabernet Sauvignon with Merlot. The red fruit guides the nose of this Bordeaux, offering nuances of fresh cherries, raspberries and ripe blackberries, violet, mint and cassis. With nice tannins in the mouth. Pairs with grilled red meats, game meat, poultry, sausages and pasta.

R$ 124,80

Dufouleur Pinot Noir 2016

Aromas of ripe red fruits, such as cherries and raspberries, notes of spices and smoked touches. Light, with fine tannins and good freshness. Accompanies grilled red meats with light sauces, poultry-based preparations, pasta with tomato-based sauces, fish and yellow cheeses.

R$ 84,80

San Marzano IL Pumo Primitivo Salento 2015

Deep ruby red color with violet highlights. On the nose intense aromas with notes of cherry and plum. Presence of rosemary and vanilla. In the mouth it shows a good fruit, plum, fig, chocolate, espresso and light tannin. It pairs well with red and game meats, ripe cheeses, fresh mushroom dishes, pasta with simple sauces based on tomato and meat, roast poultry and pork.

R$ 106,90


Porto Messias Ruby (taça)

Sweet fortified wine, ruby red. With dark fruit aromas, spicy and toasted notes. Pairs with Chocolate-based desserts.

R$ 19,50 (dose)

R$ 138,00 (bottle)


* we charge 10% service fee

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